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Mundo de Juguete (Toy world)) is a unique daycare. We provide your children with the opportunity to learn Spanish at an early age. Spanish is the second most important language in the the U.S.

We provide a wonderful program, designed to prepare your children for academic success. Nearly 95% of our activities are conducted in Spanish as opposed to only two hours a week at generic daycare centers. Your kids will learn from native speakers while having fun with diverse activities such as singing, playing and working on art projects.

Our Facilities guarantee a safe and comfortable stay of your children every day. At Mundo de Juguetes, your child will play with toys that assist the development of physical and mental coordination skills. All the furniture is toodler-proof and well-suited to the needs of your little one.

We are proud to be the first bilingual and licensed day care provider in Johnson County. We offer full- and part-time scheduling options
Please visit our daycare facilities or call us to receive additional information
Our program emphasizes proper pronunciation and contact with Latin Culture. By learning Spanish at an early age, your child develops an interest as well as the ability to easily learn other languages, which will eventually be helpful for their professional development in increasingly global environment.

Other fu activities include: Piñata Party, zumba kits & yoga.

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